Helium Quick Diagnostics

A utility application on Google's Android and Apple's iPhone.

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Helium Quick Diagnostics application is the utility every Helium miner owner and host needs to keep tabs on your hardware's mining performance. If you've thought your miner slowed down or froze, then validate it with data and graphs!

Send as many diagnostic reports as you want to support, but they have no context. If you send a graph of your diagnostic observations then we can make better decisions.

It is as easy as connecting via bluetooth to your miner and clicking on the device to gather data.

Don't believe us? See it in action below

You can also comment on Reddit.

No, we do not give support for your Helium hotspot. The helium community and your hotspot manufacturer has discord channels and support teams for that. You can contact us for application support or feedback by email at community[at]excsn[dot]com. Ideas are appreciated. No, we do not want to become a wallet application.

Finally, your data is your data. We do not want your data. If anything, use the "blur sensitive data" setting and share screenshots on Reddit or your favorite social media.